Scratching The Surface – Part 1

Brief & Outcome: Book & Exhibition looking into the topic of visual taste and how it affects humans on various levels on a global scale.

The exhibition depicted the journey through various research fields and a few excerpts of the findings within visual taste, aesthetics, perception and culture. Five examples of how taste affects us on many levels were provided as artefacts. Every story tried to illustrate how many layers one has to consider when judging a phenomena that seems superficial at first sight. The exhibition then also asked how we create this visuals and in turn they might be creating us.

The light boxes highlighted pathways of how our visual tastes, indeed our visual culture, might be constructed/coded and decoded again. Two further lightboxes highlighted both the end of style-first society (which produces waste at accelerating speed), as well as the start by interfering with a human’s characteristics even prior to birth (see also Crispr).

See also Exhibition Part 2